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Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch 2013 Tablet Driver

The Touch Strip option has been removed. Existing Touch Strip settings will be converted to buttons. - Most Intuos, Intuos Pro, Cintiq and Cintiq. De Intuos is op dit moment niet leverbaar. Het nieuwste model is wel leverbaar, bekijk Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Small tablet Code: CTHS-FRNL. What was once the Wacom Bamboo series is effectively now been re-branded as the Intuos Pen, Pen & Touch, and Intuos Manga tablets.

Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch 2013 Tablet Download Drivers

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Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch 2013 Tablet Driver

The Intuos line offered lines per cm lines per inch resolution and came in multiple sizes active area: A larger version of the previous generation of Intuos, the Intuos4 Extra Large XL was still manufactured in and marketed to artists who needed a larger working area.

Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch 2013 Tablet Treiber Windows 7

However, the Intuos4 lacked touch-based input, instead requiring a stylus or a compatible mouse. The tablets are available in several sizes.

Intuos 2013

As of Novemberboth a inch and a inch widescreen model were released, the 12WX and the 20WSX, respectively. All three models use Intuos3 pens with pressure levels.

Inthe 21UX saw a major design revision and a price drop. It offered a higher pen resolution and pressure levels due to Wacom's integration of Intuos4 technology.

Driver for Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch 2013 Tablet

The 21UX's sensitivity was much greater than most tablet computers and portable computers offering similar functionality on built-in screens. In addition, the 21UX included an integrated stand that allowed the user to tilt and rotate the unit. The pen technology, like the 21UX, was identical to the Intuos4 in resolution per inch and sensitivity. This model included an integrated adjustable-tilt stand that allowed it to hang off the edge of the table and closer to the user.

Full Review: Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Tablet - Top Graphics Tablets

Also included was an ExpressKey Remote, which replaced dedicated physical hotkeys on the sides of previous Cintiqs, and could be used wirelessly and would adhere to the bezels of the 27QHD magnetically. They are both equipped with Wacom's Pro Pen 2 technology, which offers greatly reduced parallax and pressure levels. In earlyWacom announced 24" and 32" Cintiq Pros, which experienced some delays before becoming available to purchase.

The Cintiq Pro 32" is currently the largest Wacom offers. At the end ofWacom unveiled the Cintiq 16, at Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch 2013 Tablet Each Cintiq Companion model features pressure levels with multi-touch control, 1,by-1, resolution, an express key located on the left of the tablet that could be customized, palm rejection, a silky matte finish, a stand that allows the user to tilt the unit to three different degrees and weighed about 3. There are two variants of the MobileStudio Pro, a inch model and a inch model.

The MobileStudio Pro 16" offers two model types, each equipped with a discrete graphics card, one with a 6th generation Intel i5 processor and nVidia Quadro MM and the more expensive model with an i7 processor and nVidia Quadro MM. It was the first to come with Wacom's Pro Pen 2 technology, greatly reducing the space between the cursor and the nib of the pen and also offering pressure levels.

Inkling[ edit ] Inkling, [25] announced on August 30,enables artists to draw sketches on paper that could be converted into digital images. Inkling consists of a receiver, into which artists insert any kind of paper, and a special pen which uses real ink. As the user draws on paper, new layers can be added by tapping a button on the receiver.

Wacom Intuos Creative Pen & Touch Tablet (Small) CTH B&H

The pen nibs are replaceable, and a few replacement nibs are included in a small storage Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch 2013 Tablet on the back of the tablet. The eraser is handy for zapping out mistakes, and a programmable rocker switch on the side of the pen is useful to perform a right-click or double-click, which is much easier than tapping the tip of the pen twice.

We really like the multi-touch feature, which makes it possible to use the tablet as a large trackpad. Since it uses many of the same gestures as an iPad or tablet PC, using multi-touch feels very intuitive and responsive.

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The four ExpressKeys can be programmed to perform many functions, including keyboard shortcuts like Save or Undo. One of the features that new and even-not-so-new users often overlook is the Radial Menu, which gives fast access to navigation and media player controls.

New Drivers: Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch 2013 Tablet

Any ExpressKey or even the pen rocker switch can be programmed to bring up the Radial Menu, making it easy to skip tracks or adjust volume in iTunes, or quickly switch to an email app with one click. Which size should you buy, small vs.

Wacom Intuos Tablet4U Tablet4U

Intuos is available in small and medium versions, and new buyers often ask us which size is better. A medium graphics tablet is generally big enough to work on details without having to zoom in like you would with a small tablet. Another thing to keep in mind is that the actual drawing area is much smaller than the size of the whole tablet. The medium Intuos has overall dimensions of What software is included?

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