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VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera Driver

P Fixed Dome Network Camera, Model(s) FD, FD Business PTZ Internet Camera with Audio and PoE, Model(s) PVC Camera, Model(s). CORNER/POLE MOUNT ADAPTER FOR Vivotek WB IP Camera Adaptor . Vivotek FDC-HF2 IP Dome Camera 2MP Interior - PAM Distributing Co. Accreditation · History · Social Responsibility · Contact Us · Home · VIDEO PRODUCTS · Vivotek · Vivotek Fixed Dome Cameras; Vivotek FDC-HF2.

VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera Drivers (2019)

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VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera Driver

Drill a hole on ceiling or wall.

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The diameters for the installations with or without the retention tube are different. Note that this type of installation does not apply to hard surfaces, such as a concrete wall.

VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera Windows 8

User's Manual - 7 8 Detach the top cover Route an Ethernet cable through the pre-drill hole and then connect it to the camera. The camera can only be powered through the PoE connection.

VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera Windows 8 X64

VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera Pull the retention clips to the back of the camera, and then insert the camera into the wall User's Manual 9 5. The retention clips will hold the module in place Note that the shooting angle of a fixed lens can only be vertically adjusted.

This mark should be on top. There is VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera need to change the shooting angle for the fisheye lens model Use a small-size Phillips screwdriver to change the shooting angle of a fixed focal lens Attach the top cover to camera by aligning the notch.

The magnets will hold the cover in place. Red LED on for 0. Sometimes resetting the system can return the camera to normal operation.


If the system problems remain after reset, press the reset button longer to restore the factory settings and install again. Press and release the recessed reset button with a straightened paper clip. Wait for the Network Camera to reboot. VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera and hold the recessed reset button for at least several seconds to restore.

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Note that all settings will be restored to factory defaults. The first way is to set up the Network Camera behind a router.

The second way is to utilize a static IP. The third way is to use PPPoE.

دوربين FDC-HF2 ويوتک

Internet connection via a router Before enabling the access to the Network Camera over the Internet, make sure you have a router and follow the VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera below. Connect your Network Camera behind a router, the Internet environment is illustrated below.

Drivers: VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera

Regarding how to obtain your IP VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera, please refer to Software Installation on page 14 for details. For information on how to forward ports on the router, please refer to your router s user s manual. Please refer to Network Type on page 65 for details.

User's Manual - 11 12 For example, your router and IP settings may look like this: Configure the router, virtual server or firewall, so that the router can VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera any data coming into a preconfigured port number to a network camera on the private network, and allow data from the camera to be transmitted to the outside of the network over the same path.

When properly configured, you can access a camera behind the router using the HTTP request as follows: If you change the port numbers on the Network configuration page, please open the ports accordingly on your router. For example, you can VIVOTEK FD816C-HF2 Network Camera a management session with your router to configure access through the router to the camera within your local network.

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Please consult your network administrator for router configuration if you have troubles with the configuration. Please refer to LAN configuration on page 65 for details. Please refer to PPPoE on page 85 for details.

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