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QNAP TS-439 Pro II+ Turbo NAS QTS Driver

SS Pro, SS Pro, TS, TS, TS Pro, TS Pro II, TS For the status of QTS updates and maintenance for your NAS model, visit TSProII+TurboNAS. QTS is the smart NAS OS that empowers your business and home life with file sharing, storage, SS Pro, SS Pro, TS, TS/TSP, TS Pro II, TS Pro II+, TSU RP/SP, TS Pro/TS Pro+/TS Pro II, The Turbo NAS as a domain member (DC: Windows Server ) fails to. QNAP Releases New QTS for the Turbo NAS with Fix on GNU Bash TS Pro, TS Pro II, TS Pro II+, TSU RP/SP, TS Pro.

QNAP TS-439 Pro II+ Turbo NAS QTS Treiber Windows XP

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QNAP TS-439 Pro II+ Turbo NAS QTS Driver

After upgrading to Surveillance Station 5.

Surveillance Station cannot display all the playback channels. Fails to apply new permissions for non-Administrator groups in File Station's permissions setup page. The owner and user list fields cannot display long usernames in File Station's permissions setup page.

The Guest Access Rights in File Station's folder permissions always shows "-2" regardless of what value you give it. Fixed Change Password vulnerability. Some MP3s are not audible when playing on Music Station. If you check then uncheck the SMB Encryption option in shared folders, the option will still be checked.

[Firmware] QTS 4.2.6 build 20171018 »

System Connection logs will be incorrect for opening shared links and downloading files from shared links. After reverting to a snapshot using SnapAgent, the Esxi datastore will be empty. When accessing QTS using an iPhone 6, the login page will not remember users' log in details. Normal users can find QPKGs via search. Fails to show personal photos after changing the image.

QNAP TS-439 Pro II+ Turbo NAS QTS New

HD Station will fail to be installed if Container Station is installed and activated before updating it. The connection to a cloud drive via samba in File Station will cause the NAS to freeze if you click on a drive that has over subfolders.

An error message will be displayed if you remove a connection to Amazon in File Station and then attempt to connect to it again. A connection cannot be created if you log in to File Station with a manually-entered IP address. Fails to connect to Box in File Station.

QNAP TS-439 Pro II+ Turbo NAS QTS Drivers Windows

The [Expand Capacity] button does not work when clicked on. After expanding capacity, the pool information will still say it's full on the dashboard.

Moving folder A in Multimedia to a Public folder in File Station will take an excessive amount of time. Backup jobs cannot be created with the same name as deleted jobs. Checking the file system will result in errors after Gmail Backup is installed. User-customized databases will be unable to upgrade to the correct version after you upgrade from 4.

QNAP Launches QTS for More Turbo NAS Home Models - QNAP

The Play option is missing when right clicking on media files found by the search function. There are no links in the email when sharing QNAP TS-439 Pro II+ Turbo NAS QTS via email in Gallery mode. Fails to login to Photo Station if the account name contains spaces. Fails to set up WordPress displays a "wp-config. If the default folder has a long name, the Congratulations page is abnormally displayed.

An error message "NAS can not connect to a remote server. Fails to upload a folder or add folders in File Station. An error message "Failed to generate thumbnail. Cannot display folder information of remote space when mounting specific Google Drive accounts in File Station. When remote mount is set QNAP TS-439 Pro II+ Turbo NAS QTS "admin only", the File Station toolbar still shows remote mount buttons for normal users.

The HS cannot launch the diagnostic tool. Hard drives cannot be put on standby after installing Connect to Cloud Drive.

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