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eMotimo TB3 Black Motion Control Robot Driver

Many of us are building motion systems around this fine product. I am incredibly satisfied with it and looking forward to our upcoming Summer in Australia to do some amazing time lapse video:) eMotimo spectrum ST4 Pro 4-Axis Motion Control Kit, Includes Fz (Focus) Motor, Dana. Using an eMotimo TB3 as the controller, I was originally limited to a 6 foot rail system for 3-axis motion. I wanted Time lapse footage is becoming very popular, and adding motion to the clips adds interest to the final results. eMotimo TB3 Black .. Beautiful robot and stunning photography, what more could you ask for. 0. eMotimo TB3: This is my unboxing, assembly, and hands-on review of the TB3 "motion.

eMotimo TB3 Black Motion Control Robot XP

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eMotimo TB3 Black Motion Control Robot Driver

Setup is also quick.

Once the system is set up and powered on, there are just a few controls to learn. Battery pack required Yet another essential accessory for the time-lapse and video shooters — the external battery pack. My favourite angry tree stump gets the time-lapse treatment with the TB3 carefully balanced on the stump.

eMotimo TB3 Black Motion Control Robot Driver for Windows 10

Things I love about the TB3 Super smooth motion — this really is the most important part of any motion control device. It may not look like it in my video, but before the dreadful internet compression butchered my film, I can assure that the footage is buttery smooth.

I filmed time-lapse sequences in all kinds of weather, even heavy rain. The TB3 handled it all with indifference. I shot timelapse with my DSLR both indoors and out on location. I took the kit to a zoo where I setup pre-programmed moves with other patrons around.

LRTimelapse EMotimo TB3

I took it to a remote national park and shot a kayaker navigating the rapids of the Obed Wild and Scenic River. In each situation, I tried different lenses on the camera, different balancing, and different moves.

eMotimo TB3 Black Motion Control Robot Driver (2019)

Any move involving vertical motion takes more planning and care to be successful, but I found those moves to be the most satisfying when done right. After using the products for over a month, I only had two failed moves.

EMotimo TB3 Review – Robotic Tripod Head and Time-lapse Movie

These happened when the move being requested required too much power or speed for the motor to handle. Stronger motors would be an easy fix for this in future versions.

eMotimo TB3 Black Motion Control Robot New

You want motioning your time lapse. That's where the emotimo TB3 comes in!

Next, maneuver the TB3 to the finish position. Then you just progress through the display prompts step by step and save the movement and sequence at the end.

When you run your movement, the TB3 will go to the start position you set and then work its way through to your finish position while using its built in intervalometer to control your camera through the shot sequence. It is a little more complicated to set up and execute a three axis time lapse movement sequence, depending on the dolly and the type of control used. If you use the popular Dynamic Perception line of time lapse dollies, here is a video that shows you exactly how to set up a TB3 and a Stage 1 eMotimo TB3 Black Motion Control Robot.

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