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Kodak Digital Camera DC220 Driver

Find great deals for Kodak DC Zoom MP Digital Camera. Shop with confidence on eBay! Kodak has long been a leader in digital imaging, having created some of the very first all-digital cameras as long ago as With the DC, they extend the. KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE™. DC and DC Zoom Cameras. User's Guide for the cameras, KODAK Installation Software,. KODAK Camera Properties.

Kodak Digital Camera DC220 Linux

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Kodak Digital Camera DC220 Driver

While the output results will obviously depend heavily on the printer involved, we tend to agree with Kodak's assessment. In fact, the output on lower-quality "business-grade" inkjet printers will probably look fine a bit larger than Kodak's suggested limit.

It does still look more like a camera than a computer peripheral, preserving the visual familiarity of the DC The DC is clearly not intended to be a "pocket" camera though, weighing in at a hefty 1. Viewfinder There's been a debate in the marketplace for some time now, over how best to handle the viewfinder function for digital cameras: LCD panels provide a "real-time" and generally accurate view of what Kodak Digital Camera DC220 sensor is actually seeing, while optical viewfinders don't wash out in bright sunlight or gobble battery power.

Increasingly, this quandary is being resolved by providing both, allowing the user to choose either, depending on the particulars Kodak Digital Camera DC220 the shooting situation.

Comparison: Kodak DC and DC digital cameras

Following this trend, the DC has both an optical viewfinder and 2-inch LCD panel, which can be turned on when the camera is in capture mode, to "preview" images before they're captured. At other times, the LCD is used for reviewing previously-captured photos, or to display menus used for setting camera status. Either get some Kodak Digital Camera DC220 rechargeable batteries, or limit your LCD usage!

The optical viewfinder of the DC is clear and bright, and varies its focal length to track the operation of the zoom lens. Our test sample's viewfinder was slightly biased toward the right-hand side of the scene, meaning that the camera actually captured more subject area on the left side of the subject than on the right.

Kodak Digital Camera DC220 Windows 8 X64 Treiber

The viewfinder has a moderately high "eyepoint," making it usable for eyeglass wearers, although no diopter adjustment is provided to compensate for impaired vision directly. The viewfinder also has the desirable characteristic of being relatively insensitive to lateral Kodak Digital Camera DC220 position: The view doesn't change at all if your eye happens to be off-center in any direction.

Kodak Digital Camera DC220, addressing a complaint we had with the DC, the viewfinder and LCD panel are placed such that most folks' noses won't smudge the LCD while they're looking through the viewfinder. When operating in viewfinder mode, the 's LCD is absolutely accurate, and can be relied upon to display exactly what the CCD will capture, at within the limits of the 2" LCD.

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While not the very fastest screen refresh we've seen, it was very usable. Optics As we noted in our opening overview, the DC appears to use the Kodak Digital Camera DC220 lens and sensor as the earlier DC At least, the specifications and appearance are identical.

The lens is a fixed-focus zoom design, with the focal length varying from Kodak Digital Camera DC220. This is range runs a bit more toward the wide-angle end than most cameras, a feature that may be of interest to real-estate folks and others concerned about capturing a larger view of their subjects. The lens focus range is from 39 inches 1.

Kodak DC Digital Photography Review

The macro mode provides an 8 inch 20 cm focus distance. Digital Zoom The DC along Kodak Digital Camera DC220 its "big brother" the DC marks Kodak's first excursion into the realm of "digital zoom" technology, whereby the camera manipulates the image digitally to increase the apparent zoom ratio. This can be a confusing term, given that two very different methods are used to implement it in various cameras.

Kodak Digital Camera DC220 Driver Windows XP

At its simplest, some cameras "zoom" simply by Kodak Digital Camera DC220 the central portion of the image, and presenting it as a finished file of smaller size. The DC takes the more aggressive approach of having the camera actually interpolate data from the central portion of the CCD array to produce a full-sized, albeit "softer" image.

No new information is being produced in the image, what's there is just being interpolated further.

Kodak Digital Camera DC220 Windows 8 Driver Download

Kodak's implementation in the DC goes most of the competition one better though: The digital zoom only takes effect when the LCD viewfinder is turned on, since that's the only way you Kodak Digital Camera DC220 tell what area is being captured. With Kodak's smooth digital zoom, you also needn't trade off any more resolution than needed to make your shot.

In practice, we frequently found ourselves wishing for a way to selectively turn off Kodak Digital Camera DC220 digital zoom, to avoid any loss of detail due to interpolation. While you can do this quite simply by turning off the LCD panel which disables the digital Kodak Digital Camera DC220 functionit would have been nice if we could have disabled the digital zoom function while leaving the LCD powered up. This time-exposure feature is fairly unique: Until now, noise in the CCD sensors prevented exposures this long, and Kodak deserves commendation for bringing this capability to relatively inexpensive digital cameras.

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