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Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor Driver

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Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor Driver for Windows 10

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Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor Driver

The converter circuit includes a converter module that generates keyboard data packets in the Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor format having a byte, byte, etc. The converter circuit also includes a USB device controller module which transmits the byte etc.

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When multiple Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor data packets are needed to transmit each keyboard data packet depending on the USB speedthey are transmitted in consecutive polling periods. Field of the Invention This invention relates to an adapter circuit for a keyboard, and in particular, it relates to an adapter circuit for a keyboard which produces USB universal serial bus keyboard signals while supporting N-key rollover NKRO.

Description of the Related Art Rollover refers to the ability of a computer keyboard to correctly interpret multiple simultaneous keystrokes. During normal typing on a conventional computer keyboard, only one key is typically pressed at any given time. When using modifier Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor such as Shift or Control, the user will hold down the modifier key s while striking and releasing another key.

However, certain unusual forms of keyboarding may require multiple keys to be struck or held down simultaneously. In particular, some computer games require holding down keys other than the usual Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor keys while pressing and releasing other keys.

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To reduce cost and design complexity, most conventional keyboards do not isolate all keys independent of each other; instead, they use a matrix of key switches that assumes that only a limited number of keys will be held Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor at any given time. However, if the user holds down three keys and attempts to Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor a fourth, the keypress may be ignored or incorrectly interpreted.

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The inability Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor a keyboard to correctly detect and interpret simultaneously pressed keys is often referred to as key jamming. Some keyboards, such as keyboard designed for playing computer games, especially games played by multiple players, are designed to handle N-key rollover of 10 keys Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor more. Additional features and advantages of the invention will be set forth in the descriptions that follow and in part will be apparent from the description, or may be learned by practice of the invention.

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The objectives and Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor advantages of the invention will be realized and attained by the structure particularly pointed out in the written description and claims thereof as well as the appended drawings. To achieve these and other advantages and in accordance with the purpose of the present invention, as embodied and broadly described, the present invention provides a signal converter device for a keyboard, which includes: In another aspect, the present invention provides a method for converting keyboard signals, which includes: In yet another aspect, the present invention provides a KVM keyboard, video, mouse switch device, which includes: It is to Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor understood that both the foregoing general description Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor the following detailed description are exemplary and explanatory and are intended to provide further explanation of the invention as claimed.

However, techniques, systems and operating structures in accordance with the present invention may be embodied in a wide variety of forms and modes, some of which may be quite different from those in the disclosed embodiment.

Consequently, the specific structural and functional details disclosed herein are merely representative, yet in that regard, they are deemed to afford the best embodiment for purposes of disclosure and to provide a basis for the claims herein, which define the scope of the present invention. The following presents a detailed description of the preferred embodiment as well as some alternative embodiments of the present invention. A USB keyboard, on the other hand, requires the operating system driver to poll the keyboard and record the key Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor signals.

Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor

For a USB keyboard, since the polling interval is fixed, the reaction time of the keyboard is limited. Thus, if super-fast typing is required, the user may feel a lag in the keyboard's response. A conventional USB keyboard using the HID protocol can transmit data for up to six ordinary keys non-modifier keys and Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor modifier keys left shift, ctrl, alt, win and right shift, ctrl, Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor, win at once.

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As used in this disclosure, N-key rollover NKRO refers to the ability to correctly interpret a large number of simultaneous keystrokes, such as more than 6 non-modifier keys or more 14 keys including modifier keys. The converter circuit may be implemented by a logic circuit or as a processor executing firmware or software. As Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor illustrated in FIG. The USB keyboard signals are transmitted to the computer by the USB device Keyscan USB-SER Adaptor module via the USB interface circuit in a manner described in more detail later.

The keyboard includes a key scan circuita converter modulea USB device controller module and a USB interface

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