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Ipevo P2V USB Camera Driver

The Point 2 View (P2V) is a USB Web Camera designed to free you from the usual screen-mounted web camera perspective. With its excellent 2 Megapixel. We've reviewed a number of webcams in the past but this particular one from IPEVO offers up a different enough feature set that we had to put it. P2V Point 2 View USB Document Camera. Documents. Quick Start Guide - English - PDF ( KB) HTML; Quick Start Guide - Japanese - PDF ( KB) .

Driver: Ipevo P2V USB Camera

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Ipevo P2V USB Camera Driver

To create the iPhone video I positioned the camera above the iPhone by manipulating the stand.

IPEVO P2V Camera Review Everything USB

You can see that without any special lighting, and literally thirty-seconds of prep work, the IPEVO shot a decent video. I also liked how my finger could interrupt the frame and not affect the focus on the phone itself.

Ipevo P2V USB Camera 64 BIT

I did notice that the contrast would change when I would move my finger into the frame, but that was probably due to not enough lighting. At the front of the camera, one finds the lens and Ipevo P2V USB Camera little LEDs — red and green.

Green means the P2V is plugged into a Ipevo P2V USB Camera port and getting sufficient power, and red means the camera is on and the image sensor is sending video data. The articulating stand is useful for getting the camera exactly eye-level, which greatly enhances the quality of face-to-face video conferences.

Still, the perfect location for the camera would be right in the middle of the screen, or at least right between the eyes of the opposite party. This is a decent but not foolproof manner to ask a user to hold Ipevo P2V USB Camera camera, as a rapid press of the shutter button has the likely effect of shaking the camera during exposure.

Ipevo P2V USB Camera Mac

Unfortunately, the only reason you might want to hold the P2V in this manner is to take a quick snapshot of something on or around your desk. Because you are tethered by the USB cable, you Ipevo P2V USB Camera very limited in what you can photograph or where you photograph.

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Perhaps more troubling is the fact that snapshots are a two step process: One to three seconds later, focus lock is achieved and you can press the shutter button. Above is a screen shot of the P2V application, focussed on the ubiquitous Coke can.

Below is a brief summary of the features available: Captured images can be Ipevo P2V USB Camera from within the P2V app, or from any other image editor pointed to the path where the images are stored. Since the software defaults to low levels of sharpening, this is how we tested the camera. This would be useful in a presentation application where the image is being shown to an audience as the subject of a presentation.

Clearly, the P2V camera has the potential to make a great videoconferencing camera, and it does support standard USB video drivers on Windows and Mac, for seamless integration with popular IM applications such as Skype. Here you can see the mirrored image Skype provides as Ipevo P2V USB Camera video feed and the P2V cam, with its bright lens, autofocus capability, and articulating stand makes an excellent webcam.

Not a big deal, but this could create an undesired tangle of cables on your desk. Those looking to capture video or Ipevo P2V USB Camera wacky effects can use Photo Booth on a Mac and substitute the P2V cam in place of the built-in iSight. Focussing speed depended a lot on how still the object was, and whether the camera needed to be operating at the extreme close end of its range.

Ipevo P2V USB Camera 64 Bit

For macro shots handheld, it was not uncommon to wait 5 seconds for focus-lock. Worth mentioning are the features that the P2V does not have, namely: Face tracking HD video capture Built-in microphone For the power-user, none of these features might be desirable in a web conferencing USB camera, because they would already be handled in Ipevo P2V USB Camera ways, however the lack of a built-in microphone means one has to find another option, provided the microphone that ships built-in to many laptops is rather poor at noise cancellation.

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