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Gigabyte Q1458P Notebook Keyboard Driver

When Using Your Q / Q Notebook Computer. CAUTION: Do not .. the computer on/off, using touch-pad, keyboard, hot keys, battery, and so on. If you are new WEB Address (English): WEB Address. Buy Laptop Keyboard for Gigabyte QL QM QP QV QL QM QP QV United States US: Laptop Replacement Parts. Ultra-slim Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse Ultra-slim Profile Keys: The notebook-like, sleek design of these keys feels and looks great Laser engraved printing  Missing: QP.

Gigabyte Q1458P Notebook Keyboard Windows

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Gigabyte Q1458P Notebook Keyboard Driver

It combines state-of-the-art ergonomics with sophisticated architecture, providing you with a personal computer that is compact, powerful, and easy to use. Designed for a wide range of general, business, and personal productivity applications, on the road. Table Of Contents 1. If you are new to Gigabyte Q1458P Notebook Keyboard and to the operating system, this chapter will guide you through some of the new exciting features.

Using The Battery Pack 1. AC power To change the battery pack, follow the steps below: Gigabyte Q1458P Notebook Keyboard The Ac Adapter 1.

Laptop Keyboard For Gigabyte QL QM QP QV QL QM QP eBay

It can automatically adjust to any voltage from to volts and Gigabyte Q1458P Notebook Keyboard power at 19V, 4. Press this key in combination with letters Basic Keypad to produce uppercase letters in typing. Use this key in combination with those two-character keys found Page 13 Special Function Keys keypad.

Embedded Numeric Keypad screen without having to move the cursor. The keys are in color-coded blue.

GK-KM Keyboard - GIGABYTE Global

Moves the cursor up one line at a time. Moves the cursor down one line at a The embedded numeric keypad functions like the one on a desktop time.

Gigabyte Q1458P Notebook Keyboard Driver PC

Page 14 Windows Keys Basic keypad you can input letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and special symbols with it. Fn Keys Description By pressing the Fn key with other keys, it can simulate all keyboard functions of a regular desktop keyboard. Using The Touchpad 1.

Gigabyte Q1458P Notebook Keyboard Download Driver

Slide the tray back until it clicks shut. Make sure the replacement battery is properly oriented before inserting it into the battery compartment.


Carefully route the power cord and keep cables away from all traffic. If you are uncertain of its power specification, please consult with your local vendors or power company for more details.

It can automatically adjust to any voltage from to volts and outputs power at 19V, 4. This allows the interior of your notebook computer to cool off.

GigaByte InNote Q1580L User Guide Manual

Connect the power cord to the AC adapter. Connect the AC adapter to the DC power port of your computer.

The Power Options dialog box provides several operating functions after your computer has been idle for a while. The power indicator will glow blue once the computer is powered on.

Before Gigabyte Q1458P Notebook Keyboard drivers, check with your vendors to see if they have already installed all the drivers with the operating system, if not, please follow the steps below: The power button located on the top side allow you to power on. An Auto Run installation screen will appear.

Press this key to move the cursor to the next tab on the right. Gigabyte Q1458P Notebook Keyboard key works much the same way as on an ordinary typewriter. Press this key to cancel or escape from a command or function.

Known as the Insert key. Press this key to change from insert to type over mode.

Gigabyte Q1458P Notebook Keyboard Manager Utility 2.36.2 for Vista

Known as the Print Screen key. Known as the Delete key. Press this key to delete the character to the right of the cursor, or delete marked texts or items.

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