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dSPACE DS1006 Processor Board Driver

Fully programmable from Simulink®. ▫ High-speed connection to all dSPACE I/O boards via PHS bus. ▫ Multiprocessor system of several DS Processor. The DS Processor Board is dSPACE's flagship for high-end real-time applications. The DS is designed for calculating complex. Modular Hardware / DS Processor BoardDS Processor Board Computing power for processing-intensive real-time models.

dSPACE DS1006 Processor Board Treiber Windows XP

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dSPACE DS1006 Processor Board Driver

First hardware-in-the-loop HIL simulator is shipped First real-time development system with a floating-point processor is shipped First multiprocessor hardware for real-time development systems MicroAutoBox, a complete prototyping system for in-vehicle use To verify the functionality and reliability of control logic dSPACE DS1006 Processor Board HCU, a series of vehicle driving tests have been carried out on the HIL test bench.

The transition between e-drive mode and boost mode are simulated.

Figure 10 below shows a driving scenario where a gently driving driver suddenly slashes down gas pedal for overtaking. At this moment, electric motor alone is not sufficient to support the vehicle acceleration demand, so HCU sends dSPACE DS1006 Processor Board an ICE torque request to the ECM to switch on the engine, completing the E-Drive mode dSPACE DS1006 Processor Board Eco-Boost mode transition as indicated in Figure To test the safety feature of the HCU, battery overheat was used as an on board simulation example here.

dSPACE DS1006 Processor Board Download Driver

Since battery overheat is hard to simulate in a normal driving scenario, manual fault insertion is applied to the test vehicle through dSPACE control desk variable over-ride. In addition to the two testing cases above, more than 20 other test cases have dSPACE DS1006 Processor Board tested on the HIL test bench, targeting vehicle safety, functionality and performance.

Environment requirement, customer demand and even peer competition drive HEV technology updating frequently, especially for HEV powertrain control system. However, physical components prototype is too costly and time consuming. If there is more than one dSPACE DS1006 Processor Board installation on your host PC, it may be necessary to activate the desired one.

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N Possible Methods The software patch patches only the active installation. There are two ways to install the dSPACE DS1006 Processor Board, depending on the medium you use: If you want to install the patch from the floppy disk, refer to Method 1. If you want to install the patch from the dspace Web site, refer to Method 2.

This increase in speed is particularly useful for computing very detailed, CPU-intensive models, such as for gasoline engines with variable valve timing and for diesel engines with in-cylinder pressure measurement. Many of the multi-controller development and test projects, being carried out by our customers, use highly complex real-time simulation models.

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dSPACE DS1006 Processor Board Windows 7

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