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Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem Driver

Globespan Virata chipsets; Conexant chipsets based wireless devices . GS ADSL modem (GT); Virata Helium (VCPBC A2) ARM CPU Gemtek, WL, WLAG, WLF, WUBIGW, -, WL, WLFJx .. FCC ID: O7J-GLT, hotspot gateway, b. Conexant Win98 "WHQL'ed" Driver Ver with S3 fix for GVC Copper V 56K Data/Fax Modem. Conexant V PCI Data/Fax Modem for Windows, v. , A03 Dimension XPS B___r. OptiPlex GX Precision Missing: Gateway. Gateway load balancing and failover methods, apparatus and systems use more 2, a secondary member b will assume the virtual MAC and IP addresses , .. and used as a default gateway by all of the hosts in the local subnet byte lengths and burdened burst lengths in a high speed cable modem.

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Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem Driver

Definitions Reference will now be made in detail to the preferred embodiment of the invention.

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While the invention will be described in conjunction with that preferred embodiment, it will be understood that it is not intended to limit the invention Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem one preferred embodiment or to its implementation solely in connection with Cisco products and systems. On the contrary, the following description is intended to cover alternatives, modifications, and equivalents as may be included within the spirit and scope of the invention as defined by the appended claims.

In the following description, numerous specific details are set forth in order to provide a thorough understanding of the present invention.

The present invention may be practiced without some or all of these specific details. In other instances, well known process operations have not been described in detail in order not to unnecessarily obscure the present invention.

The following terms are used in the instant specification. Their definitions are provided to assist in understanding the preferred embodiments described herein, but do not necessarily limit the scope of the invention.

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Other terms that may be used equivalently in this Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem include user, host and host. The network layer generally allows pairs of entities in a network to communicate with each other by finding a path through a series of connected nodes. Other terms that may be used equivalently in this disclosure include layer 3 switch, layer 3 device and gateway.

The IP address is typically a 32 bit field, at least a portion of which contains information corresponding to its particular network segment. Thus, the IP address of a router may change depending upon Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem location in a network.

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A MAC address is generally intended to apply to a specific physical device no matter where it is plugged into the network. This should be distinguished from the case of a network layer address, described above, which changes depending upon where it is plugged into the network.

Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem Driver Download

In the context of this invention, one router from among Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem group of routers emulates a virtual router by adopting one or more virtual addresses, and another entity usually a host is configured to send data packets to such virtual address esregardless of which router is currently emulating the virtual router. In the preferred embodiments, the virtual addresses encompass both MAC layer and network layer IP addresses.

Usually, various members of the group each have the capability of adopting the virtual address to emulate a virtual entity. Therefore, each host must have prior knowledge of the gateway's IP address which typically is a router or layer-3 switch IP address. Hosts are either statically configured with the IP address of the default gateway or are assigned the address through a configuration protocol such as Cisco's DHCP upon boot-up. In either case, the host uses the same default gateway IP address for Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem network traffic destined to exit the local network.

The host needs the default gateway's MAC address to forward network traffic to the gateway via a Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem layer transfer. In networks that promote resiliency through redundant access layer uplinks and layer-3 gateways, at least two possible paths and devices exist for IP gateway services. The present invention allows load-sharing of traffic from access layer hosts within a common subnet through redundant default gateways, while also providing a fail-over capability. One way to direct traffic from access layer hosts to a particular default gateway is to have the Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem respond to a host's ARP request with the gateway's own unique MAC address.

Once a particular gateway responds to an ARP request from a host with the gateway's unique MAC address, the host caches the response and will continue to use the cached gateway MAC address for all transmissions leaving the local subnet. Therefore, if the MAC addresses of all of the redundant layer-3 gateways in an RG are sent in a distributed manner in response to ARP queries from various hosts, future transmissions from the hosts can be divided among available gateways to exit the local network, achieving load balancing of the outgoing packets.

Default Router & Modem Passwords A-L

Resiliency fail-over services also can be provided so that if one gateway should fail, a remaining gateway will assume the failed gateway's host load in addition to the remaining Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem own load. The failure and load assumption can remain transparent to the local hosts. In addition, the load balancing feature must ignore the fact that more than one device can accept traffic destined to the same IP address, namely redundant default gateway devices sharing a common IP address.

Therefore, the present invention directs local hosts to a variety of possible default gateways in a load balancing arrangement using IP-ARP Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem, while using a single virtual IP address for the balanced gateway service. One embodiment of the present invention is shown in FIG.

Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem Windows 8 X64

The exemplary configuration of FIG. However, the invention is in no way limited to such an implementation and those skilled in the art will recognize and appreciate that various embodiments of the present invention are achievable without using the HSRP system, per se. One embodiment of the present invention provides three primary functions once it Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem implemented and configured.

Initially, the system creates an addressing scheme. Once the addressing step is completed, the system provides its three primary functions: These PIP and PMAC addressesare used for intra-RG communication and can be used for other communications outside of the load balancing system of the present invention. Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem can be appreciated from FIG.

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For example, in FIG. However, this cost is outweighed by Gateway B-530 Conexant Modem benefits of greater portability of the members of the group. For example, if one RG member was to be removed from service, the VMAC address could be assigned to another gateway device and the prior device removed without interruption in the service or the inconvenience of having to use an unchangeable address for example, the BIA of a given RG member.

In the embodiment shown in FIG. The VIP address can be assigned by the user and must be unique to the redundancy group though, of course, not unique within the group.

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