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ASUS TAICHI 31 Display Control Driver

I installed the Asus Taichi 31 computer linux mint Cinnamon. Controller bus-ID: chip-ID: Display Server: Download ASUS TAICHI 31 Convertible 2in1 Laptop Windows 8 64bit Drivers, Software and Manuals. VGA / Video / Display (1). My Asus Taichi works fine in laptop mode, using the inside screen. It also works fine if I boot onto the tablet screen on the lid. However, if I switch from the inside I have the same question (31).. Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS.

ASUS TAICHI 31 Display Control Driver

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ASUS TAICHI 31 Display Control Driver

The slim build and light weight are especially impressive considering the fact that the Taichi 21 has a second IPS In-Plane Switchingtouch-enabled display built into the lid. More on that below.

ASUS TAICHI 31 Display Control Driver

In our testing, the sound quality was superb, with clear tones even at high volume and bass as ASUS TAICHI 31 Display Control as it gets without a subwoofer in the mix. Dual Screen The defining characteristic of the Taichi 21 is not its audio, or is it the keyboard, or the mouse, or anything else you would expect on a normal ultrabook. Instead, in addition to the Covered with a scratch-resistant sheet of Gorilla Glass and offering tracking for both finger touch and an N-trig digital pen, the Taichi 21 opens like a laptop, but closes to become a tablet.

ASUS TAICHI 31 Display Control Treiber Windows 7

It's worth noting, however, that the interior display has no touch functionality, leaving you with just the keyboard and mouse to maneuver through Windows 8 during regular use. The addition of a digital pen ASUS TAICHI 31 Display Control improves the experience, providing fine cursor control as needed and an intuitive option for those who want to draw or take advantage of Windows' baked in handwriting recognition or other handwriting-friendly apps.

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The tablet lid isn't without its drawbacks, however. The Gorilla Glass screen may ward off scratches, but it attracts smudges like crazy. The user can be working or reading off a program, while the external display is showing some slides.

This is a Windows 8 limitation or rather a general OS limitation that only one active Window can receive input albeit from multiple sources at any one time. After all, it's just a natural expectation of end-users once they notice the dual-screen design and think about the possibilities.

Build Quality and Handling Despite the obvious confusion around the usage of the machine, the Taichi is still an Ultrabook which has excellent build quality. The external lid display is protected by Gorilla Glass, which makes it quite resilient, just like the previously reviewed HP Envy Spectre.

Asus TAICHI Owners' Lounge

Because of the rigidity of the glass, there's no flex to be found anywhere on the lid. The only issue is that the Gorilla Glass attracts fingerprint smudges that accumulate quickly.

Driver: ASUS TAICHI 31 Display Control

The bottom half of the Taichi is put together with two pieces of machined aluminum palm rest and bottom cover making the machine feel solid to the touch. One problem we had however, was that the edges of the notebook are very sharp, which makes prolonged use pretty uncomfortable for our wrists.


As a tablet, we also found that the 1. It's simply too heavy for extended usage when cradling it in your hands.

As a notebook its weight is perfectly fine, which is its primary usage model and thus it's equipped with a suitably beefy processing platform. There's a volume rocker and screen orientation lock on the left side of the laptop for when it's in tablet mode, and there's a small power slider on the right side.

Download ASUS TAICHI 31 Display Control Application for Windows 8 64 bit

We tend to prefer sliders to buttons when they're positioned on one of the ASUS TAICHI 31 Display Control of a laptop, just because it reduces the likelihood that you'll press it on accident. Two small stereo speakers adorn the bottom of the laptop on its left and right sides, where the sound can be amplified by bouncing off your desk or muffled by bouncing off your lap.

The computer also has two webcams one for each screen that are both suitable for video chats and not much else, as is generally the case in these Ultrabooks—Asus' spec sheet suggests that the p camera on the tablet side is superior to the p webcam on the laptop side, but to our eyes the picture quality was roughly similar.

Andrew Cunningham Like so many of the most interesting Windows 8 laptops, the Taichi is defined by its screen, and this laptop stands alone: By default, ASUS TAICHI 31 Display Control the inner display is active in laptop mode and only the lid's display is active in tablet mode. Closing and opening the lid will automatically turn off one screen and turn on the other—there's a capacitive Windows button on the lid that also lights up when the convertible is in tablet mode.

Asus Taichi screen on lid not working -- backlight off - Microsoft Community

I just dont know what is happening, its such an expensive laptop to begin with and I dont really get why the screens always seem to break. Does anyone know of a way to fix my screen, can you peel the matte ASUS TAICHI 31 Display Control off and replace it with a new one or do I have to buy a new replacement again? Thanks in advance, would be great to hear I am not the only one with this problem.

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