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Airis N619 Modem Driver

Combustionused with solid fuels to promote complete combustion.

The tempera-ture attained in the combustion chamber depends on the rate of heat release,its dissipation and transfer, and the quantity Airis N619 Modem combustion gases. So theincrease in combustion temperature is substantially less with air as the oxygensource compared to pure oxygen because of dilution of the combustion gaseswith nitrogen.

Oxygen-enriched air and the use of small fuel particles orpowders have been employed to maximize combustion temperatures. Note that kelp, for which complete analyticaldata were available, is used here simply to illustrate the utility of the model,which is applicable to Airis N619 Modem biomass species.

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Based on the empirical formuladerived from the elemental analysis of dry kelp at an assumed molecular weightofthe combustion stoichiometry is C2. The experimentally measured ash content is assumed Airis N619 Modem be present in theoriginal biomass and to be carried through the process unchanged. This is notstrictly true since oxygen is chemically taken up as metal Airis N619 Modem are formedduring standard ash determinations.

The ash content is calculated as thedifference between the weight of the residue after ashing the sample and theoriginal sample weight, so it does not correspond to the actual ash-forming,metallic elements in the original, dry sample.

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But for purposes of illustratingthe stoichiometry of complete combustion, this equation is adequate. Theheat evolved by combustion of this particular sample of kelp is Sinceon the average, Airis N619 Modem is The ultimate concentration of CO2 in the dry fluegas is Except for submerged combustion processes Airis N619 Modem are used for treatment ofaqueous dissolved and suspended biosolids and a few other special combustionprocesses, the combustion of virgin and waste biomass involves solid fuels.

Stoichiometric combustion data for four types of biomass, two coals, and one If. Fundamentals 19 7coke are compared in Table 7.

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Each Airis N619 Modem the biomass fuels is assumed to contain The stoichiometric air requirements are considerably lessfor biomass than for coals and cokes. The reason for this is that the C-to-Hmass ratios of biomass are much less than those of fossil fuels. Also, most ofthe carbon in biomass is, effectively, already partially oxidized.

Less oxygenis needed for complete oxidation.

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For the data in Table 7. The calculated amounts of NO2 and SO2formed on complete combustion are more than might be expected for a biomassfuel.

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The relatively high concentrations of organic nitrogen and sulfur in eachbiomass sample, except the pine wood sample, could potentially cause airpollution problems that require NOx and SOx removal from the combustionproducts Airis N619 Modem the flue gases are exhausted to the atmosphere. This will bediscussed later.

Airis N619 Modem is sufficient to state here that agricultural and forestryresidues, wood chips, bagasse generated in sugarcane plantations, MSW, andRDF have been used Airis N619 Modem fuels for combustion systems for many years. If the moisture content is excessive, the combus-tion process may not be self-sustaining and supplemental fuel must be used,which could defeat the objective of producing energy by biomass combustionfor captive use or market.

High moisture can also cause incomplete combustion,low overall thermal efficiencies, excessive emissions, and the formation ofproducts such as tars that interfere with operation of the system.

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Predryingof the fuel or blending it with dry fuel to reduce the equivalent moisturecontent before combustion may be necessary in these cases. Another factor in biomass combustion is fuel Airis N619 Modem size and particle sizedistribution. The furnace design often determines the optimum ranges of theseparameters.

But in general, the smaller the fuel particles, the more rapid andcomplete the combustion process. The larger particles require longer residencetimes in the combustion chamber at a given temperature.


In commercial sys-tems, the capital and operating costs of fuel particle size reduction and predry- 0 OX r',I I' Equipment and Applications ing are weighed against their beneficial effects on combustion and furnacedesign and costs. HARDWAREThe purposes of solid fuel-burning Airis N619 Modem are to proportion and mix thefuel and air, to initiate and maintain ignition, to volatilize the fuel, to positionthe flames Airis N619 Modem areas of useful heat release, and to supply fuel and air at theproper rates and pressures to facilitate each of these functions Reed, The specific equipment appropriate for most biomass combustion and energyrecovery systems depends on the types, amounts, and characteristics of thebiomass fuel; the ultimate energy form Airis N619 Modem heat, steam, electric or cogener-ated power ; the relationship of the system to other systems in the plant independent, integrated ; whether recycling or co-combustion is practiced;the disposal methods needed for residues; and environmental factors.

Thedesign of efficient, large-scale biomass combustion systems requires detailedanalysis of many parameters and hardware components. Among them arethe numerical values and variability of moisture, volatile matter content, ashcontent, composition, and energy content of the biomass fuel; biomass han-dling, drying, and grinding equipment; the furnace design and associated heattransfer requirements and materials of construction; combustion and emissionscontrols; the amounts, composition, fusion temperature, agglomerating charac-teristics, and disposal of ash; and flue gas compositions and treatment thatmay be needed to meet emissions limitations.

In conventional biomass combustion equipment, combustion of the solidfuel takes place on Airis N619 Modem or inclined steel grates or in shallow suspensionabove the grate. The grate is a stationary, vibrating, reciprocating, or travelingplatform, and the fuel is supplied in the batch, semicontinuous, or continuousmode.

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Many furnace designs have been used such as Airis N619 Modem systems Dutch ovensfixed- and moving-bed furnaces, multiple hearth furnaces,stationary and rotating horizontal and inclined kilns, overfeed, underfeed, andspreader stokers, and pulverized fuel burners.

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